The following religious education curricula will be used during the 2018-2019 church year.

Preschool – Kindergarten

On Sundays, preschoolers and kindergartners will take part in our Chalice Children program. Chalice Children helps young children develop a sense of belonging to our community; learn about the traditions, people and places of our church; and celebrate the friendships they have here. The program will inspire their wonder of learning and imagining through simple rhymes, stories, songs, play, crafts, and games.

Grades 1-6

This year we are shifting to a studio model for this age group. Rather than dividing out into aged-based classrooms with fixed curricula, each child will choose one of three multi-age spaces each week, centered on the themes of head (mindfulness), heart (creative expression) and hands (science/technology and social justice). Classes will focus on activities directly related to that Sunday’s worship theme and story.

For instance, September’s worship theme is vision. On a particular Sunday during September, a student might have the choice of taking part in an outdoor vision quest, attending a meditation, or making a peace pinwheel—all tied to creating a vision for the world. Over the months, the choice of activities might include games, yoga, discussion, stories, meditation, social justice projects, science experiments, nature hikes, and arts and crafts.

Junior High Youth Group

Many youth of this age are starting to develop their personal spiritual identity. To deepen their understanding of the dynamic, fascinating, and varied world in which they live, we are offering a world religions program. Each week youth will learn about the central spiritual practices, symbols, key figures, holy days, sacred texts and central stories of several religious traditions, and they will have the opportunity to visit a neighboring faith community each month.

Senior High Youth Group

With a focus on social justice, the senior high youth will be building relationships, creating a greater sense of belonging, and helping each other feel supported in their spiritual journey. Each week they will gather to examine topics chosen by the youth and to take part in activities that are designed to help provide deeper connections. The youth group is also an opportunity for youth to develop leadership skills and to engage in our and the wider community through worship, social action projects, and service trips.