Our religious education classes help children and youth develop their own spiritual beliefs while learning to work for love and justice in the world.

Curriculum overview

Religious education classes are held during Sunday services, with age-based sections ranging from preschool through high school. Our structured lessons are designed to thoughtfully engage young people at every step of their evolving personal journeys, providing an engaging mix of fun and creative activities with meaningful explorations of spiritual issues from a wide range of perspectives and sources. Classes are led by team of lay volunteers.


Class registration is required each year, and registration is available online through the Realm member portal, or by printed forms available in religious education classrooms each Sunday. Visitors are welcome to try out a class before completing a registration, and participants can join class (not including Our Whole Lives) at any point during the year.

Additional information

We have compiled answers to a number of frequently asked questions. You are also welcome to contact the Director of Lifespan Religious Education if you have additional questions.