The following classes were offered during the 2016-17 church year. Classes for 2017-18 will begin in October after we move into our new building, and class descriptions will be posted soon.

For a general description of our religious education program, including information on registration, please refer to the Children & Youth page.

Classes for 2016 – 2017

Preschool & Kindergarten:  Chalice Children

Early childhood is filled with curiosity and wonder. In a group setting, with loving adult guides, young children can engage in spiritual seeking, develop their openness to sharing, and experience the benefit of a supportive community. Their time in Chalice Children can set a pattern for the rest of their lives to include community, faith, wonder and awe.

Grades 1-5: Signs of our Faith

This program guides children to do their best to live faithful lives every day. It presents fourteen Unitarian Universalist traits or values, including the quest for knowledge, reverence for life, supporting one another on our faith journeys, and public witness. Children examine how their lives do and can exhibit these traits and values, and come to understand that their faith is a living faith whose histories and teachings are fortifications for living faithfully in a complex world.

Grades 6-8:  Jedi Academy

This Coming of Age program is based on the five training categories of Skill, Senses, Courage, Insight and Spirit. The focus is on a development of mindfulness, peace and justice. Students and teachers do not need to know the Star Wars stories to fully participate.

Senior High Youth Group

The youth group is an opportunity for youth to develop leadership skills, and engage in the church and broader communities, through social action projects, and service trips.

Our Whole Lives

Every other year we offer Our Whole Lives—a comprehensive, progressive and inclusive sexuality education programmdash;for youth in grades 7-9. Our next OWL classes will be held in 2017-18.