Location & services

Unitarian Universalist Society Sanctuary
Our church sanctuary is filled with light and connected to nature.

We have recently moved into our beautiful new home at 2355 Oakdale Rd. in Coralville. Sunday services begin at 9:30 a.m.

Events & activities

In addition to Sunday services, we offer a wide range of events and activities.You will find opportunities to explore your spirituality, serve the wider community, build relationships over shared interests, enjoy a meal with new friends, and many other ways to get involved.

Our new home

Moving from our long-time home in downtown Iowa City was not an easy decision, but our growing community realized that it had outgrown the space and could better live out our values in a larger building with better accessibility.

Connected to nature

Our eight-acre property is a peaceful sanctuary filled with trees, trails, gardens, and outdoor play/learning spaces. Our sanctuary was designed with tall glass walls to allow an immersion in the beauty of our woodlands during services and events.

Greenest church in Iowa

More than just creating a restful place to enjoy nature, we committed ourselves from the beginning to the goal of building the “greenest church in Iowa.” Our aim was not to claim bragging rights, but to help educate and inspire others as we live out our own commitment to care for the earth.

The new facility uses active and passive solar energy with the goal of producing as much electricity as we consume. Energy is further conserved with geothermal heating and efficient lighting and appliances. Water is conserved on the site by using bioretention swales, and building materials were chosen why an eye toward sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Weddings & events

We are excited to provide an eco-conscious, relaxing, and functional space for many others to enjoy. It is an excellent venue for weddings, retreats, workshops, concerts, and meetings.