Church Pencil Sketch
by Stan Haring

What do Florence Nightingale, Frank Lloyd Wright, Clarence Darrow, Beatrix Potter, and Christopher Reeve have in common? All are Unitarian Universalists. With roots in the Jewish and Christian traditions, Unitarianism began in Europe in the 1600s, while Universalism arose in 17th century England and America. These two liberal, non-creedal religions, joined together in 1961 in North America to form the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).

Unitarian Universalists Today

The UUA is a voluntary association of congregations, for which it provides resources, including religious education curricula, publications, and consultants upon request. Its Beacon Press is a major publisher of philosophical and other contemporary thought, and its bi-monthly magazine, The World, found in the home of every UU member as one of the perks of membership, carries articles by leading writers as well as Cornerstone Photodenominational news. The UUA website receives thousands of visits each week from people seeking information and services, and the home pages of many UU congregations–including this one!–are linked to it. The largest of several Unitarian Universalist organizations, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee helps people around the world help themselves through direct service and advocacy programs. A member of this congregation, the late Frank Z. Glick, was executive director of UUSC for many years.